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Community members can connect with military community through MAFB Adopt-an-Airman program
Adopt-an-Airman is a program that affords our airmen the opportunity to link up with local families in the surrounding areas to form lasting bonds, new friendships, and build support networks with the local community and outside the normal military environment. The Minot Area Chamber/EDC Military Affairs Committee is partnering with Minot Air Force Base to support this program and provide volunteers.

For a lot of airmen, this is the first time they’ve been away from their friends and family. To help ease the transition, families in the local community open their homes, and are friends and mentors to our airmen. These families provide our airmen with a caring environment and a sense of belonging that could potentially build relationships that last a lifetime. Host families are encouraged to treat you as a member of the family, not simply as a guest. All host families are not alike, so your experience will probably differ from the experiences of others. Only local civilians of high caliber are eligible to become host families.

Adopt-an-Airman will attempt to match you with a host family who shares the same basic interests and characteristics; such as sports, hobbies, religion, and other activities with which they identify.

For more information, contact Carla Dolan at the Minot Area Chamber/EDC at 857-8205.
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