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A message from the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce president
John MacMartin
L. John MacMartin, Minot Chamber President
Chamber Members:
Last Friday the Governor issued an executive order activating the State Emergency Operations Plan and provided details regulating how businesses should operate in the coming weeks. That order was followed by the  State Health Officer order detailing the mandatory use of masks. 
The COVID numbers in our state and in our community have been rising in the last several months. Every time we turn around there is someone else that we know personally who has contracted the virus. We have reached a point where we either need to take personal responsibility or go back to the almost complete lockdown that we saw last spring. We believe that the business community has a very distinct role to lead in this effort. That role is to actively follow the requirements that the Governor and State Health Officer have outlined in the respective orders. The alternative is to do nothing and to then expect a shutdown of business activity. Our state neighbor to the east, Minnesota, is expected to do just that today.
We all struggle with what we are being asked to do because, after all, we call our economic system free enterprise, and yes it is. One of our partners, the Greater North Dakota Chamber /sent the following message out to its members.
“From the beginning of the pandemic, we have stood by the fact that North Dakota businesses should make decisions based on the best interests of their operations, their clientele, and most importantly, their workforce,” stated Arik Spencer, GNDC CEO and President. “While we do not support mandates on businesses or our free enterprise system, we do understand the issuing of these orders in lieu of the alternative – shuttering businesses or shelter-in-place orders. The success of our economy relies on the performance of each industry and sector. If we must return to a lockdown status, this will stifle all recovery efforts and create burdens for our businesses and state leaders and further harm our citizens.”
So let's help lead the way to reversing the numbers we have been seeing daily.
L. John MacMartin, CCE
Minot Area Chamber of Commerce
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