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Coronavirus Toolkit Available for Employers
Trinity Health and the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce have teamed up to offer guidance to businesses seeking to enhance protections for employees and customers during the coronavirus pandemic. Together they’ve released a toolkit, “Safe at Work,” which is a handy reference to help employers in their decision-making as they try to keep their workers and workplaces safe.
Trinity Health President and CEO John M. Kutch says the toolkit incorporates information from a variety of sources and is designed to let businesses know they are not alone.
“The novel coronavirus and the illness it causes, COVID-19, are with us and will likely persist for the foreseeable future,” Kutch said. “Trinity Health stands with our business community, ready to provide the guidance and assistance they need to help navigate these new challenges. We are all in this together to make more possible in Minot.”
Contained in the toolkit are key steps and practical advice, including a section titled “Six Steps to a Healthy Workplace.” Topics include the basics of screening, disinfection habits, employee testing, and what to do if an employee tests positive. Also included is medically accurate information about COVID-19.
Minot Chamber of Commerce President John MacMartin, CCE, notes that as coronavirus numbers have ticked up in western North Dakota, more business leaders may be concerned about how best to manage their companies while keeping employees and customers safe.
“We are pleased to join with Trinity Health in presenting this online tool. Our hope is that it will assist employers as they strive to make the best decisions possible to accommodate the safety needs of workers and clients while continuing to serve the public.”
“Safe at Work” is available on this link - /uploads/3/booklet.pdf

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