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Task Force 21 schedules virtual Triad Symposium
Minot Chamber’s Task Force 21 (TF 21) is preparing to host its ninth annual symposium on the Nuclear Triad Sept. 22. While the Symposium is typically held in Washington DC, this year’s will be virtual due to the pandemic.
TF 21 Chair Mark Jantzer says, “This is a great opportunity for our community — home to two legs of the triad — to stay engaged in the national debate concerning the need for the recapitalization of all three legs of the triad.”
The topic of the symposium is “Seeking and Securing National Consensus on Nuclear Deterrence and Modernization.” It will be an opportunity to hear from past and present leaders of America’s nuclear forces, and prominent non-government experts.
A great line up of speakers and panelists includes:
• Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND): The Congressional Consensus on Strategic Nuclear Modernization
• General John Hyten, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: The Importance of Nuclear Modernization
• Senator John Hoeven (R-ND) Member of the Appropriations Committee: A View from Appropriations
• The Honorable Barbara M. Barrett, Secretary of the Air Force
• Tim Morrison, Senior National Security Fellow, Hudson Institute: The Strategic Environment: The Current Russian Challenge: New Start, and the Russia and China Nuclear Threat
• Dr. Stephen J. Blank, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Research Institute’s Eurasia Program and Dr. Mark Schneider, Senior Analyst, National Institute for Public Policy: Russian Nuclear Forces: Is There a Strategy of Escalate to Win?
• Joseph Bosco, Fellow at the Institute for Corea-America Studies (ICAS) and the Institute for Taiwan-America Studies (ITAS) and Rick Fisher: Are Nuclear Weapons a Hegemonic Tool in Chinese Security Policy?
• Honorable Drew Walter, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Matters: Getting Nuclear Deterrence and Modernization Right
• Dr. Brad Roberts, Director, Center for Global Security Research: Escalate to Win and Theories of Victory: Red and Blue
• Dr. Michaela Dodge, Research Scholar at the National Institute for Public Policy: The Cost of Nuclear Modernization in Perspective
• Honorable Frank Miller, Principal, The Scowcroft Group: The Nature of Nuclear Deterrence
• Maj Gen Bill Chambers, USAF, retired, Institute for Defense Analysis: Nuclear Deterrent Strategy, NC3 and Major Power Competition
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