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Maximize Minot supports buy local preference policy with Minot City Council
The Maximize Minot Committee of the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce is working hard to emphasize the need to buy local. In this world of internet shopping, buying online and finding another deal out of town, it’s easy to get hooked. But what does that do to the local economy? The effects can be seen when your favorite store closes, downsizes, or moves. That’s why the Chamber started the Maximize Minot campaign — to emphasize the need to shop local, hire local professionals for projects, and invest local.

During the last year, a group of local contractors developed a proposed policy for the city to utilize to guide them in their purchasing practices. This drafted policy provides a small advantage to those businesses operating right here in Minot and is intended to be a starting point for the council to address the issue. Minot Area Chamber of Commerce President John MacMartin presented the draft policy to council members in July.

Thanks to the City Council and staff for including discussion on this topic at the city’s July retreat. See the City Manager’s comments in the attached link, the pertinent comments will show up at about the two minute mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= DI5Z6qeLPLQ&t=284s

As an advocate for our local businesses, Maximize Minot would like to recognize the City of Minot for their willingness to take this step showing support to local organizations who pay taxes here, support local non-profits and fundraisers, and make our community the Magic City.

Finally, thanks to the Chamber members involved for their hard work in putting the policy together. After a visit with City Manager Tom Barry, MacMartin says a committee of business members and city employees and leaders will meet to discuss preferences and city procurement processes. If you have any thoughts or comments, reach out to MacMartin at 852-6000. Watch for updates on the outcome.
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