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Maximize Minot by supporting our local Motor Vehicle Department
The Minot Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) in Arrowhead Shopping Center is the place you can purchase your yearly vehicle tabs, license plates, and titles.  But did you know that the fees charged when you stop by MVD support the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce and its mission?  That’s because the Chamber manages the Motor Vehicle Department.  We are encouraging you and your staff to Maximize Minot by supporting MVD.  If you go online or use a kiosk, the money does not benefit Minot, the Chamber and the business community.  The Minot Area Chamber of Commerce is an advocate for Minot and provides a service to our members through programs and committees.  Our 700 members work together collectively to promote Minot, secure the future of Minot Air Force Base, provide educational opportunities and enhance the business community.

When you buy from the local Minot Motor Vehicle Department, you also support the six employees who work there and are employees of the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce.  That’s salaries paid here in Minot, taxes paid by those employees and additional families that make up Minot.
Be conscious of your purchases and how they affect our community.  Hire here, shop here and invest here.  By hiring local contractors, you are supporting your neighbors, adding to the tax base and keeping Minot vital.  By shopping at Minot stores, you are keeping your favorite products in town, keeping your money in town and creating choices.  When you invest here, you help to shape Minot into the community we can be. 
Our choices will shape Minot and its future, please think about yours and Maximize Minot!
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