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MAFB an important part of the community
Minot Air Force Base has long had an impact on the Magic City.  Culturally, the people bring diversity to our area, while their presence enhances our pride in the military. Additionally, the Base is an economic boon to our area.
The Base has two wings, the 5th Bomb Wing, which is the host wing, and the 91st Missile Wing. The budget office of the 5th Bomb Wing Comptroller publicizes an annual economic impact analysis and unveiled the latest report at a Feb. 7 meeting of the Military Affairs Committee. The figures show a total impact of $543.1 million for fiscal year 2018.
“Minot Air Force Base is a strong force in our nation’s military and to our area,” said Minot Area Chamber of Commerce President John MacMartin. “That’s why it’s vital we continue to work diligently to keep the Base with our retention efforts through Task Force 21 (TF 21).” TF 21 is a committee of the Minot Chamber that has been working for more than 25 years to strengthen relationships with the military and to secure the future of MAFB.
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