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Maximize Minot promotes local shopping
Since its beginning in 1923, the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce has been supportive of the business community, especially member businesses. The staff at the Chamber primarily makes referrals to Chamber members, resorting to the “yellow pages” only when there is not a Chamber member that provides the item or service being requested. But that referral is made in the Minot area as it keeps business local.
Last fall, the Chamber offered an opinion about buying local aimed principally at the retail side of the equation. Since then, a number of letters to the editor in the Minot Daily News have appeared lauding the merits of and encouraging folks to buy local. Currently the Home Town Radio Stations are promoting a buy local campaign. You may hear more about this with different citizens lending their voices to the message on the airwaves.  And in our recent City election, the candidates all emphasized the value of supporting local businesses.

For the last several months a group of business leaders and the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce have convened to discuss buy local. All agreed that we need to support and find new ways to promote local retail purchasing whether it is a smaller, locally owned store or one of our big box stores — all are local.

What has been missing is a more holistic approach where locally owned and locally based businesses are engaged to provide products, people, services and/or talent. So let’s expand our view of keeping business local and take action to Maximize Minot. To reiterate, Maximizing Minot starts with main street businesses and includes the big box stores that call Minot home. It extends to the contractors that hire when building a home or adding a garage, as well as the local architect who will design that home or gazebo for your backyard. It could also be the landscaper who overhauls your yard or the roofer who gives your home a new weather tight seal. The list is endless.

For businesses and for government, it is not only the individuals but other Minot businesses with whom they do or could be doing business and here again it is all about maximizing Minot. Do business with others located here in the Minot area first.
Maximizing Minot will not be as successful unless the units of local government also adopt the principles of doing business at home. To be fair, there are a number of arguments offered from bonding limits and getting the best price for the taxpayer but in reality really there are a number of other things to consider, and in doing that Maximizing Minot becomes a reality.

Out of area contractors and professionals have the expertise to get a job done and that is usually the only thing they do, get the job done. By doing so they pay their employees who take that money back to their communities and spend it there on goods and services, helping that community. The business earns, hopefully, a profit. And that profit also goes back to their community and helps to improve the quality of life there.
Local contractors and professionals have one very distinct attribute and that is pride in their work in their own community. They revel in the fact that they can point to a job well done. The salaries they pay stay here in the community and buy goods and services here and help to pay not only the salaries of others but also contribute to the tax base of our community. The profits of the company are plowed back into the firm allowing it to grow and perhaps even add more employees who spend more dollars right here in the Magic City. The other thing that those profits allow business to do is help or give back to the community. There are many examples such as the flag display at the Base, the B-52 models at the Base and the Air Museum, the original MAYSA arena and the subsequent expansion, the new exhibits at the Zoo and most recently, donations given to kick start the Magic City Discovery Center.

As we continue the conversation about Maximizing Minot, we intend to explore, among other things, how best to provide a local preference. We won’t be suggesting a blanket block on non-local businesses, but rather an opportunity for the local business to compete fairly.
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