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Your community benefits the most when everyone counts
Why Census 2020 is important to North Dakota
Did you know that the distribution of political posts and taxpayer’s dollars is based upon how many residents are counted in an area, not how many may live there?
One of the best ways to ensure all populations are treated fairly in the distribution of public goods and services is to ensure they are equally represented in the political process. This starts by making sure everyone is counted in the Census. The Census is conducted every 10 years to ensure equal representation in an elected government at both federal and state levels.
The Census establishes North Dakota’s proportion number for all federal funds for the next 10 years. In fiscal year 2015, $1.45 billion in federal funds were obligated in North Dakota based upon resident counts from Census 2010 and subsequent annual population estimates. This equates to $1,910 in federal funds distributed annually for each North Dakota resident.
Minorities, those in poverty, recent migrants and rural residents tend to be the most difficult to count. They are also more likely to be consumers of federally funded programs.
Watch for further details regarding the 2020 census in the Communicator.
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