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TF 21 meets with Boeing regarding ICBMs
Minot Air Force Base provides Strategic Deterrence in the nation, and it is a focus area for TF 21.   Recently the Task Force met with Boeing Company representatives in Minot, on their second visit to Minot in the last year. A separate, familiar division of the Boeing Company is deeply involved with the mighty B-52: these representatives were here to discuss the ICBMs.

In August of last year, the Air Force selected two companies to continue to compete to be selected to transition to the follow-up on the ICBM System, currently known as the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent or GBSD. The Boeing representatives, Dr. Patti Dare and Andy Healy, stressed the long-term relationship with the Minot community which started in 1958 with the installation of some of the first ICBMs in the United States.

GBSD work to be done involves the entire weapon system from the missile, silo and the command and control components. “Boeing built the Minuteman system when awarded the contract in 1968 and Boeing is ready to repeat the process again and put a new system out in the field - a missile system that the Air Force wants and the nation needs,” said Healy.

The Task Force will continue to work with the Air Force, industry partners and the ND Congressional Delegation to ensure that the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent system is fully fielded. Earlier this year, TF 21 met with representatives of Northrup Grumman, which is the other contractor picked by the Air Force to compete.

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