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City offers valet service to those who need help with trash carts
The City of Minot is offering a valet service for residents who may have a physical condition or medical issue that prohibits them from rolling their new garbage cart to the curb as part of the City’s new automated garbage collection system.

Residents can call the City of Minot’s Public Works Department at 857-4140 to obtain an application for the valet service, or download an application from the City of Minot website at minotnd.org. The applications should be filled out and signed by a physician before being returned to the Public Works Department for review.

The City plans to begin using the new carts in conjunction with new automated collection trucks on July 17. If residents are unable to schedule an appointment with a physician before July 17, they may submit a valet request to Public Works and they will be given 60 days to acquire a physician’s signature stating they need the valet service.

“We want to ensure that those who truly require assistance with their new trash carts are receiving the service they need,” said Dan Jonasson, Public Works Director for the City of Minot.

In approved cases, the sanitation truck driver will come up to the resident’s house to retrieve the waste cart, and return the cart to the house after the cart has been emptied. Requests for valet services must be approved annually.

Starting Saturday, July 8, the new carts will begin to be delivered to Minot residents who use the City’s sanitation services. Full delivery of the approximately 12,500 carts is expected to take 7-10 days.

For additional information or interviews contact the Public Information Office at 701-857-4727 or by email at pio@minotnd.org.
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