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First new concrete to be placed on Burdick Expressway East
The Burdick Expressway East construction project will reach a major milestone on Saturday, July 8, when the first sections of new concrete are placed in the intersection of Burdick and 9th Street SE.

Crews from Flores Concrete on Saturday will begin placing new sections of concrete curb, gutters and roadway at the intersection of Burdick Expressway and 9th Street SE, near the entrance to Eastwood Park. The 9th Street SE intersection has a completion date of July 18 to accommodate the North Dakota State Fair Parade, which is scheduled for July 22.

“It’s critical for the North Dakota State Fair Parade and for the entire project timeline that the intersection of 9th Street SE be open and accessible by July 18 as planned,” said City Engineer Lance Meyer. “Now that the underground work in that intersection has been completed, we’re happy to see continued progress as new concrete is placed to create the new roadway, sidewalks, and curb and gutters.”

The State Fair Parade will begin on South Broadway, then travel east on Burdick Expressway to the 9th Street SE intersection before being rerouted onto 9th Street SE, then turning onto Eastern Avenue to 8th Avenue SE and into the North Dakota State Fairgrounds.

Keller Paving is the general contractor on the Burdick Expressway East project, which has an expected completion date of late October. It will replace the roadway, sidewalks, and curb and gutter as well as underground water, sewer and sanitary sewer lines between 9th Street SE and 15th Street SE.

During construction, traffic has been diverted onto Valley Street to avoid the construction zones. Signs have been placed on Valley Street to direct traffic to locations impacted by Burdick’s closure, including the Roosevelt Park Zoo, Corbett Field, and businesses located in the Roosevelt Plaza. In addition, temporary traffic signals have been installed at the intersections of Valley Street and 13th Street SE and Valley Street and 27th Street SE to help manage traffic.

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