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Minot Chamber leaders work behind the scenes on the future of Minot Air Force Base
Talks of budget cuts and base closures are always of concern to the community.  Recent rumblings in Washington DC have rekindled that conversation.  But the community has always been prepared.  There is a group within the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce whose job it is to help secure Minot Air Force Base.  Task Force 21 (TF 21) works tirelessly behind the scenes for the future of Minot Air Force Base.  TF 96 and TF 21 have been doing so for nearly 28 years.   “The first task force was formed prior to the 1991 Base Closure and Realignment Commission or BRAC,” said Chamber President John MacMartin.  That group, TF 96, was successful in keeping Minot’s base intact.  But that didn’t mean Minot Air Force Base was safe.  The threat remained and so a new task force, TF 21 was established in 1997.
The Base has been a part of our community as TEAM MINOT since it was built in the late 50’s.  The mission of Minot’s base is two-fold with the 5th Bomb Wing and the 91st Missile Wing.  That gives our community an advantage, but as many prior military communities will tell you, nothing is for sure.  That’s why TF 21 meets regularly to stay on top of what is happening in Washington, DC and across the nation and the world.  The group consists of a dozen people; Minot Mayor Chuck Barney, Chamber President John MacMartin, Chamber Chair Jessica Merchant (Olson & Burns, PC), TF 21 Chair and Minot City Councilman Mark Jantzer (The Computer Store, Inc.), State Senator Randy Burckhard, Bruce Christianson (Magic City Financial Group, LP), Randy Hauck (Verendrye Electric Cooperative), Pete Hankla, (McGee Law Firm), Jonn Knecht (American Bank Center), Brekka Kramer (Odney), and Bruce Walker (Coldwell Banker).  They hear from consultant Greg Power, Major General, (Air Force, retired), on a constant basis on the status of happenings at the Pentagon, DC and within the military community.  This group attends many military related events and travels to keep in touch with both civilian and military decision makers in order to keep Minot Air Force Base a vital part of our economy. 
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