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Bismarck, N.D. (May 16, 2013) In light of recent developments at the Minnesota Capitol, the Greater North Dakota Chamber has created billboards like the one attached to welcome new shoppers to a state that is not as heavy handed with its taxes.
The timing of the billboard purchase is no accident.
“We saw what the Minnesota legislature and Governor were doing with regard to taxes, and we figured we would likely be some of the biggest beneficiaries,” said Andy Peterson, President & CEO of the Greater North Dakota Chamber. “Business over on our side of the border is already booming, and now I imagine we will see even more Minnesota license plates parked in front of our stores.”
By increasing the taxes on income, consumer products like tobacco, gas and beer and new high priced energy mandates, Minnesota politicians are making a strong case for business to come across the border to North Dakota. And while they are here, they will experience the many reasons North Dakota is leading the nation in job growth, income growth and more.
“We really appreciate all the governor and Minnesota Legislature have done to help out our businesses,” said Mike Rud, a Greater North Dakota Chamber member who leads the North Dakota Petroleum Marketers Association as well as the North Dakota Retailers Association. “Minnesota’s tax bill will be a boon for North Dakota’s convenience stores.”
The first in the series of billboards is up starting today along I-94 in Moorhead, just before the Minnesota Legislature adjourns for the year. Other signs are expected to follow leading into the summer travel season.
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