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Quality of Life
The quality of life in Minot can be described in one word--outstanding. Four distinct seasons offer more opportunities to explore a wide range of healthy and fun recreational activities.

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North Dakota ranks among the "10 States Where Youth Rules," conducted by MoneyRates.com.  They compared nine economic and lifestyle factors to determine which states offer the best conditions for youth.   Blue Cross Blue Shield ranked North Dakota 12th in the nation when it comes to healthy states.  North Dakota ranks second among all states in the development of entrepreneurship, according to a recent study completed by the University of Nebraska, Bureau of Business Research. 

The economy in North Dakota and Minot has been doing well thanks in part to the energy industry, Minot Air Force Base and the state's number one industry, agriculture. That being said, what is there to do?  It all depends on what you are interested in, as Minot has plenty to offer in arts, shopping, music and more.




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