Minot Area Chamber of Commerce

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Business Opportunities

Mailing Labels: A complete set of labels for direct-mailing information to the 1700 member database of the Chamber is available to members for a nominal fee of just ten cents per label and you can customize the list to your needs. This allows you to develop your own extensive database of business prospects at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself!

Military Relocation Packet Referral Service: Three times a year the Chamber provides community information to Minot Air Force Base Family Support Services. That information is provided in packets that the Family Support Services sends to all Air Force personnel relocating to MAFB. The packets welcome the new military personnel and help them become familiar with the area. Only Chamber members can have their promotional brochures included in the packet.

Chamber Bucks Program: The Chamber of Commerce uses "Chamber Bucks" (a community gift certificate) to reward volunteer service or serve as prizes at Chamber sponsored activities. Many businesses in Minot also purchase "Chamber Bucks" to give to their employees and customers. When a business receives a Chamber Buck, they just honor the Chamber Buck at face value and either refund or collect additional cash for any difference between the purchase price and the face value of the Chamber Bucks.

Tax Deductible: Membership dues investments are tax deductible as an ordinary business expense.

Advocate for Business: The Chamber is the voice of the business community in local, county, and state issues, representing the business community in problem solving, promoting economic development, regional tourism, etc. For example, the Chamber:

  • is in favor of all efforts of NAWS and its plan for an adequate Northwest Area Water Supply,
  • recognizes the importance of a model for regional economic development planning and in formulating future economic development efforts,
  • promotes economic development local issues like the one cent sales tax,
  • spearheads Minot Air Force Base retention efforts,
  • expanded the Junior Achievement Program with Minot Area Public Schools to include 165 classrooms,
  • recognized 6 to 12 "Eagle Award Winners" monthly for superior customer service and one to two "Above and Beyond" business community service award recipients quarterly.
  • continues to work closely with Visit Minot in promoting area tourism.
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