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Support your local businesses by buying local
 If you watch just a little TV it isn’t long before you are bombarded with ads that suggest you don’t need to leave home to order “stuff” for your pets, groceries to prepare a meal, the devices to prepare that meal and mush more. What happened to getting out and exploring your community?
Do you know that there is at least one pet store to which you can be accompanied by your pet? You can buy that pet toys, food and more. We have a number of traditional grocery stores, ethnic grocery stores and even grocery store offering mainly organic foods. And then there is the kitchen store where you can buy almost any item imaginable to plan, prepare, cook and serve anything from a snack to a multi-course gourmet meal.

Where am I going you ask? Well I hope it is obvious. I want to remind you to unplug from your electronic device and get out, explore and to BUY LOCAL.

Buying local should give you the entire experience where most of your senses are used whether you are shopping for groceries, clothing or any number of other items you have decided you can’t live without. In the grocery store you may smell the bread and the earthiness of the produce – even get damp when the mister turns on to keep it fresh. If you have never taken your pet shopping, you are in for a real treat. Walk the isles and let the pet take it all in. If you aren’t careful there are bins with toys and treats right at their level and the pets will fill your basket. And I’m sure you know, you will get the chance to stand and visit with someone you haven’t seen for quite some time.
In addition to the experience, there is the economic side to buying local. Let’s not focus on a single store but look at a snapshot of transactions. You walk into a store and purchase some items and pay the customer service person on your way out of the store. Those dollars you spent let the owner pay for the items you purchased and pay the employees a salary and a variety of benefits. You repeat this process at a number of store throughout the community. When all of those employees get paid, they repeat the process of spending their hard earned cash throughout the community too.

Each and every one of those transactions also generated a few pennies of sales tax on each dollar spent. The local governments use the sales tax to reduce property tax, pay for needed infrastructure and expand the economy and improve quality of life. Buying local really does so much more than one imagines.

The online purchase does none of that. You place the order, without using any of your senses except for sight. Money is taken from your account electronically and a box shows up at your door. The occasional one-off purchase is not the problem. The problem is you begin to create a habit. A habit of using your electronic device instead of buying local. And when the habits of everyone increase, then the local owner has less money to pay for inventory and to pay the employees. Cuts in hours or entire jobs occur and they have less or no money to spend to get life’s necessities.

So next time you pick up that electronic device to order online, stop, unplug, venture into the community and buy local.
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