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by Alan Estvold

It is my great pleasure and honor to serve as your Minot Area Chamber of Commerce Chair for the next year. The Chamber is experiencing continued growth in membership which we expect to continue through the years ahead. As the area’s business climate keeps
us on the forefront of the nation’s economy we expect more people and businesses to relocate to this area. In my 40-year-career, I have never seen so many opportunities for both businesses and jobs for those who are willing to put in the effort. For the entrepreneurs among us, the
opportunities for success far outweigh the risks. For those of us who want jobs and careers, you need to look no further than the Minot area. There are thousands of them available.  We need to keep moving ahead into the future, enhancing our area with different amenities that fulfill
those quality of life needs for our present and future residents. We must at all costs keep moving forward, welcoming those challenges that growth will bring. Remember, the reverse is not anywhere any of us should want to go. Our economic climate is very robust with our agricultural and energy sectors leading the charts. For those concerned about the energy bust, all indicators point to that not happening any time soon. My personal opinion is that our grandchildren will have the opportunity to work in the energy field throughout their careers.

  The mission and stability of our Minot Air Force Base seem safe for the time being. Also, we survived the 2011 flood and will recover from it over time. So let’s keep moving forward with great enthusiasm and keep that spirit up. Remember we are the “Gateway to the Bakken,” the land of opportunity.
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