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Chair's Message

554K4401.jpgThe Minot Area Chamber of Commerce has been an advocate for businesses for the last 93 years. As we embark on the 94th year we look to continue to grow our relationships with our members and the greater business community so as a community we can thrive and succeed. This can be accomplished in several ways: through the support of our valued members, an engaged board, dedicated and committed staff and leadership.

Throughout the history of our City, it has been the vision of many different entrepreneurs, beginning with Jim Hill and the construction of the railroad that has led Minot and this business community to becoming the “Magic City.” 

Although we have seen some recent challenges in our local economy, it is that entrepreneurial spirit and attitude that has and will allow us to not only weather the storm but become stronger, smarter and more effective as a business community and Chamber.
It is an honor that I am allowed the opportunity to serve as your Chair of the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce for the next year. The responsibility of the Chair is both a challenge and a reward.  The challenge is accepted with open arms and the reward well worth the effort: a stronger, more vibrant Chamber and business community.  We can accomplish this through continually advocating for our members by providing relevant educational opportunities, networking events and engaging our members on a more regular basis.
Finally, as a business community, we can be proud of how we support our friends and family in the military. It is that continued support of our armed forces and the Minot Air Force Base that has allowed us to get a truly unique perspective and insight into the work that they do on a daily basis to keep our great country safe.  We can truly say, “Only the best come north!”
I am proud to be a member of the Chamber and look forward to serving you in the next year.

Jason Zimmerman, Chair
Minot Area Chamber of Commerce

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