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Chair's Message

jessicamerchant.jpgI want to thank you for your support of the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce. Your support coupled with a wonderful staff, engaged board, and dedicated committee members are what have made this Chamber the success we see today and truly make us “Partners in Progress.”

As this area has gone through immense growth and continued change, it has become even more important to continue to partner together with common goals and united leadership.  A testament to our ability to do this is that the Chamber has maintained its membership numbers this past year when many thought it could not be done.

It is my great pleasure and honor to serve as your Minot Area Chamber of Commerce Chair for the next year.  The Chair’s responsibility is going to be both challenging and rewarding. I believe it is important to be involved in your community and the Chamber offers many opportunities for involvement with numerous committees focused on various areas of business.  As Chair I hope to build upon the Chamber’s past successes with an emphasis on advocating for our members, hosting relevant and engaging events, and continuing to facilitate important business connections.

I am proud of what the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce has contributed to our community and I look forward to the coming year.
Jessica Merchant, Chair
Minot Area Chamber of Commerce

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